–By Haley Konen

For all you youngins’ (ages varying from 16-24ish) this post is for you. Everyone should read it of course but around my age is where my focus is.

On Tuesday afternoon (I think, the days are running together) we met with Katy’s sponsor students, she has two. Both Incredible stories but the second one we met with struck a chord for me and I would like to share her story with all of you to put in perspective how good we actually have it. — So, I just turned twenty, I live at my parents house and am just now making the decision to go back to school. I have no bills to worry about, no groceries to buy.– I know that a lot of people I know back home are in a very similar situation.

Now.. let me tell you about He.

He and KatyI can’t remember her real name but she likes to go by He. She lost her mother sometime within this last year and has no contact with her father that we know of (we don’t even know if he’s still alive or even ever had contact with her). Right now, with the financial support from Katy, she is attending cosmetology school in the morning and then goes to a public school in the afternoon. Also with Katy’s help she is able to rent a small room in a boarding school type building. –Along with having to get herself to school, provide food and shelter for herself… she is raising her nine year old brother. Here’s the kicker… this girl is EIGHTEEN years old. Can you imagine the struggles? How truly incredible she is.

Compare the two stories. Apply her story to your own life. See how silly we are to EVER complain.



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