Our Team

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Sara Johnson

“I believe strongly that just as women who came before me fought for my rights, it’s my responsibility to do the same for girls and women still fighting for a place of equality in the world.  It is my job to teach the generations behind me to cherish what they have been given, and to use their positions of power to help girls around the world who have no voice.  The Million Girl Army is my attempt to do my part to further women’s issues the world over. ”

dad relective

Dale Sewall

“As a father of 3 daughters, I have been committed to the empowerment of girls and women. This trip can energize a group of my daughter’s friends to build an effective organization that has the potential to change the future for many girls and women around the world. And I get to spend two weeks with my daughter!”

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Megan Winderl

“I am excited to work with this dynamic team of empowered young women, in an attempt to outreach and connect with those born into a life less fortunate than our own. This will be a life changing experience in ways that I’m sure I can’t even imagine yet…”

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Haley Konen

“I’m so excited to grow emotionally, spiritually, and culturally in a whole new world with an incredible group of people. And all the while I get the chance to help women who haven’t been as fortunate in their lives as I have in mine.”

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Samantha McKay

“I recently entered the real world by learning to teach kids, however, I am discovering that I am teaching them to learn.  Two brilliant passions of mine, this once in a lifetime trip will teach me in ways that are simply impossible with a professor and attendance record.  I plan to share my experiences with others who care to learn and listen to our story.”

Shanna's submitted

Shanna Swanson

“Being a part of this organization and this journey is being a part of something bigger than I could have ever imagined. I’ve always wanted to do something for somebody who could never repay me. It’s a great feeling and I’m very fortunate to capture these moments.”

cute katy

Katy Sewall

“I’ve always had a one-on-one view of relationships.  You impact me, I impact you.  These bonds can open doors, and they can change your perspective on the world.  But it is hard to effectively help someone alone, and it is impossible to change the life trajectory of thousands alone.  I strongly believe in “The Million Girl Army.”  Girls all over the developed world join together, add just a dash of effort and enthusiasm, and big changes occur for girls with less opportunity.  I have seen the impact a little thoughtfulness can have.  I have no idea what I will contribute to this effort, but sometimes all it takes is showing up to discover adventure, hope and love.”

Binh's picture

Binh Nguyen

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